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Miniature paintings have had a place of importance in the Indian art scene for a very long time. The original scene has been influenced greatly by the Persian miniature painting style. The country was under Mughal rule for a long time and hence, there is a visible influence of the Mughal style of art in the Indian art works. Even though various cultures influenced, the art works still have a base of Indian traditional art work. Every area in India had its own style of paintings which can be seen even today. If you are interested in buying Indian miniature paintings, you are at the right place. You have to make sure that the website you order your painting from is authentic. You have to look at the artist credentials and pictures of the paintings completed by the artist. At this website, Damodar art, you can see and place orders on paintings done by the miniature painting artist Shri. Damodar Sharma.

Here at Damodar art, we take our patron’s personal information seriously. We do not use the information you give us for any other purposes than the mentioned ones. If we have to use it for other communication purposes, we will make sure to get your permission. You can confidently make any enquiries or transaction with us. Our services were launched almost two decades back and until now, our website has seen over 2000 paintings finished and delivered through orders placed here.

You can have a look at the painting products available in the website. You can place an order for a painting or you can make a special request for an unique painting. Shri. Damodar Sharma who is the artist is a staunch loyalist to miniature paintings. He is trained in the different styles of Indian miniature painting. We understand that any details you give us is for us. Hence, we have a strict privacy policy. We seriously undertake to protect your personal information. If you require, we will be happy to give information on our privacy policy in detail. Any inquiries you make will be carefully read through and answered as quickly as possible.