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miniature paintings

Miniature paintings are an important part of the Indian paintings seen today. The earliest piece of miniature painting that survives today is from the 10th century. Miniature paintings are often artworks painted on a piece of paper, cloth or any material. The earliest surviving piece from the 10th century is a work done on palm leaves. In the ancient times, miniature paintings were often found as part of a manuscript or a religious text where the purpose of the painting was to provide a visual explanation to the text. The traditional Indian miniature paintings often depicted pictures of Gods and Goddesses or depicted scenes from the mythological texts and epics. After the invasion of Mughals, the mughal style of painting influenced the Indian work. Many of the Mughal rulers were also patrons of the art and provided various avenues for artists to flourish in their trade. Thus, around the time of 16th century, the miniature Indian paintings also included court scenes or depiction of natural scenes like flowers and trees. Miniature portraits of rulers and prominent persons were also done.

The uniqueness of Indian miniature paintings is that in addition to portraying a scene, a huge importance was placed on the emotions behind the scene. A picture was not deemed to be successful unless it could bring to life the spirit and emotion behind the scene. As the rulers patronized the arts, artists flourished and it was not uncommon for many renowned artists to work together on a single work commissioned by the ruler. With such a long history, it is sad to see that there are not a lot of painters who are renowned in the art of miniatures. The art of traditional miniature painting can flourish again only if more artists and connoisseurs of art provide it a much required boost. The variety of the themes available in the miniature works are plenty. You can look at a sample collection of miniature paintings of the well known miniature artist Shri. Damodar Sharma here. He has come out with a wonderful collection and you can place orders individually or in bulk for the miniatures that catches your attention.