Damodarart.com - An online services of miniature art, launched in 1995. Damodarart.com is one of the leading internet companies of India, which till date has designed more than 2000 miniature art painting on order.
what is miniature

Miniature art a technical art, is not a new thing. Through this age, it was considered an art form. More and more small-scale art that large Canvases can compete with a combination of strength with the color is often very detailed, very beautiful.

Typically, a short or long time until a major work of art to build takes. Most of the artists together, can work on some skills and discipline of the miniature work to do. This is a sole talent form, is based on a minute scale, back to the 7th century paintings and illuminate manuscripts of the book for the dates.

If there's best, the most the most accurate or correct technique to be considered for the technology is there so much debate is ... Thus, hatching and Pointillism ever Stippling is found under the microscope in the form of techniques. The other answer from the past to present is to study. Doesn’t matter what the technique used, they must be handled carefully and painstakingly innocent. Sometimes miniature art for the artist in a small place like this to make sure that it is possible that the audience defeat.