Damodarart.com - An online services of miniature art, launched in 1995. Damodarart.com is one of the leading internet companies of India, which till date has designed more than 2000 miniature art painting on order.
handpainted miniature paintings

Miniature paintings are smaller paintings as opposed to murals. These paintings are unique in a way that the base of the picture could be anything from a piece of paper to a block of ceramic. The painting medium is also usually much different. Most of the miniature loyalists use natural and unique materials to make the painting stand out even though it is not huge in size. The regular poster and acrylic colors are frowned upon. Each artist could have his own blend of colors and painting medium. Many of the miniature paintings that were done centuries back still survive because of the wonderful ideas behind the colors. For instance, many of the artists in the olden days used a very difficult process to get a brilliant white color. The conch shells found on the seaside were ground and processed in a definite way to get the best white color. A hand painted miniature painting is certainly a wonderful addition to any environment. The theme of the picture can decide where it will fit in perfectly, but the painting itself when framed with the right borders will transform any wall. While there are few traditional miniature painting schools established in India, many of the artists have learnt their techniques not from schools but from their ancestors. The techniques are handed down from one generation to the next and have survived even today.

You can visit an artist workshop and buy miniature works in different areas of India including Orissa, Rajasthan, Bengal. While visiting an artist workshop is a huge experience, it is not possible for all of us to make a personal visit. You can also order miniature art works online. This website Damodar art is maintained by Shri. Damodar Sharma who is a well known painter who is dedicated towards miniature paintings. You can make an enquiry through the website or by contacting us. You can view the painting samples displayed in the website’s gallery. Shri. Damodar Sharma uses his own ingredients to make the paintings and also uses precious and semi-precious stones to bring the paintings to life using the traditional Rajputana techniques.