Damodarart.com - An online services of miniature art, launched in 1995. Damodarart.com is one of the leading internet companies of India, which till date has designed more than 2000 miniature art painting on order.
Fine Indian Miniature Art

A miniature art is a form of art that is strong, exquisite and detailed. It might be small in size, but the unique base, strength of colors and the paint medium make it stand tall even when placed next to a huge picture. A fine miniature art will have the capability to hold well even when it is magnified. The size of the painting does not directly translate into the effort that is required for the painting. A fine miniature art will take as much time or longer when compared with a big painting. These fine arts have been in existence since many centuries ago. While the most common type of miniature Indian painting is the depiction of Gods and Goddesses, today’s artists design miniature paintings on various themes and topics. Leaves of various trees like palm leaves , cloth and paper were used in the ancient Indian miniature art scene. Today, artists use their creativity and choose different mediums. Miniature artists are often loyal to using natural materials as the medium of paint.

Shri. Damodar Sharma is a staunch miniature loyalist who has completed over thousand paintings using variety of materials like cloth, leather, marble, paper and leaves. Different areas in India use different techniques to add uniqueness to their paintings. Mysore and Tanjore paintings use forms of jewelry to add specialties to their paintings. Rajputana paintings might use precious stones in the paintings. Shri. Damodar Sharma also uses different materials like gold foil, lapis and lozuli in addition to using precious and semi-precious stones, barks from trees, leaves and flowers. The dyes and colors used in the painting are also derived from unique sources. The Rajput paintings have a special allure as the artists often use ground precious stones to give unique colors.

The fine art works done by Shri. Damodar Sharma can be ordered online through this website. Shri. Damodar Sharma is an artist who can provide you with emotive and soulful miniature works of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, intricate and detailed scenes from mythologies and epics and natural scenes or portraits. If you want to order paintings in bulk or you have an enquiry to make, feel free to contact us.