Damodarart.com - An online services of miniature art, launched in 1995. Damodarart.com is one of the leading internet companies of India, which till date has designed more than 2000 miniature art painting on order.
about damodar sharma and his creations

Shri Damodar Sharma a staunch miniature loyalist artist who has live picture of miniature art in his paintings. Shri Sharma has mastered this art and imprinted out a name for him in the sector of art. Whatever technique he used it should scrupulously handled and the work is without defect. He uses stone of gold and other precious and semi-precious stones, barks of trees, leaves and flowers to create natural colors that reflect in his paintings and miniature sculptures.

In his panting Shri Damodar Sharma has given one of the creative and live sense of harmonious combine of the colors. Damodar has done wonderful painstaking in Miniature art of Paintings. His miniature paintings have been bought by connoisseurs and have been exhibited at the American Gallery of Vedic Art at Iowa, U.S.A. in 1998. From Drawing with charcoal on walls of the houses to mixing colors for miniature painting, Damodar has traveled a long way and today he is force to reckon with. Starting with Mughal traditional painting he has come on top and became pioneer as well as painted gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon.